domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Plastic Optics and Plastic Molds

MEMS Optical has the capability to make high performance gray scale injection molded plastic optics and molds for injection molding of plastic optics.
High performance plastic optics are possible due to the use of our patented gray scale technology. Diffractives (beam splitters, top hat beam shapers, holograms) with efficiencies of between 75% to 90% can be achieved. Plastic refractive microlenses are also possible and they can be spherical, aspherical, torroidal, square shaped, round shaped, hexagonal, or cylindrical. This allows the inherent advantages of plastic (high-production quantities at low cost) ) to be achieved while still achieving performance far superior to binary optics.
Molds for plastic micro optics, both diffractive and refractive, can also be supplied. These molds can be delivered in a very short turn around time and in a wide variety of sizes.
As plastics become more appropriate for optics, MEMS Optical is capable of providing either the molds or the parts themselves that will make possible the products of the future.


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