domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Microlens Arrays"

Microlens arrays are a vital part of today's optical systems. From telecommunications to machine vision, microlenses are impacting the way we live. . Now, by applying MEMS Optical's patented gray scale production process, MEMS Optical can design and fabricate microlenses that are:

a. refractive

b. diffractive

c. anamorphic

d. aspherical

e. spherical

f. positive (convex)

g. negative (concave)

Lenses can be either refractive or diffractive and can be as small as 15 microns diameter. Using standard materials such as fused silica and silicon and newer materials such as Gallium Phosphide and Calcium Fluoride a wide variety of lenses can be made. Lenses can be made on one side with absolute alignment accuracies which allow each lens to be within 0.25 microns of it's ideal location and a front to back surface alignment capability that allows lenses on both sides of a substrate to be aligned to within 1 micron. Surface roughness values of 20 to 80 angstroms RMS are typical and the addition of AR coatings produces optics with very high transmission rates.

MEMS Optical has a full design staff capable of designing lenses for customers who don't have a design capability. Both stock and custom designs are available.
Features and Benefits
Excellent uniformity in focal length and extremely low insertion loss for 1D and large 2D array configurations

High Transmission with Low Insertion Loss (<0.5>


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