domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Gray scale technology

Gray scale technology allows for the creation of a wide variety of shapes allowing for the best optical performance achievable. Traditional binary optics rely on a "stairstep" shaped approximation of the ideal surface shape. Gray scale can actually create that ideal shape. Curves, ramps, torroids, or any other shape is possible.
The pictures on this page show some of the various structures that can be created. Depending on the design, MEMS Optical can create feature sizes as small as 3 microns in gray scale and about 0.5 microns in binary products. Gray scale optics are currently being provided in production quantities to companies in fields such as Defense and Security, Telecommunication, Biomedical, Semiconductor, and Commercial Electronics, as well as other industries at lower prices than ever before. Optics such as beam splitters, diffusers, beam shapers, and microlenses are all possible with the gray scale process. Gray scale routinely provides performance far superior to binary optics and allows for the creation of optics that could not previously be fabricated.


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