domingo, 25 de julio de 2010


MEMS Optical Inc. has developed a proprietary process to actively align and attach our microlens arrays to precision-aligned fiber pigtails, creating collimator arrays, providing excellent beam positioning and pointing accuracy. Each collimated beam is parallel to all other beams within the array, and all emanate from the microlens array at a known fixed perpendicular angle.

MEMS Opticals' collimator arrays are available in both linear and two dimensional configurations, which allows for collimator arrays ranging from just a few to multiple hundreds. Each microlens is custom made, so our customers receive a product which specifically meets their diameter and focal length requirements.

MEMS Opticals' collimator arrays can be integrated with other arrayed components, including fibers, filters and MEMS Opticals' Series 8000 two-axis tilt mirror, also available in array configurations.

Features and Benefits

1D and 2D collimator array options

Custom microlens design

100% microlens inspection

100% collimator inspection

Custom fiber length and connector options

Pointing Accuracy +/- 0.05 degrees (typical)

Collimator to collimator insertion loss


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